Amplify Business Communications with US Americans - QUIZ ONLY

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Influence Your US Counterparts With Confidence

This course only has a quiz which tests your current knowledge level when it comes to effectively engaging US colleagues and clients while planning, conducting and following up with those you meet and interact with on a regular basis.

If you pass the quiz with at least a 90% you are doing a good job in meeting management with your US counterparts. We do have a self-paced video learning course with reading materials and other job aids that will help you uplevel your cultural fluency when working with Americans that accompanies this quiz. The course has not yet been released however, you can attend this quiz for the time being and see where you fall.

Enrolling for this quiz is free, and when you finish the quiz, you will also be directed to a page of links to effective meeting management with US Americans from our website. We have been consulting with teams in India since 2011 to create and maintain effective working relationships while working remotely and while working onsite.

When attending this quiz, the goals include learning and applying:
1. US Cultural Concepts to More Effectively Interact and Collaborate with US Customers
2. Strategies to Make a Good Impression, Start Conversations, Make Small Talk Everyday and During Team Meetings/StandUp meetings
3. Tips on Communicating in English in the USA (How to explain, convince, express self)  

Course Curriculum

I had a 1-1 discussion with Jennifer on US culture training and it was immensely useful. She provided me with practical tips and tricks which cannot be found easily. Her inputs helped me a lot during my US Trip as well. I consider her as my go-to-person for any consulting or mentoring on US culture and communication.

Dilip Bagrecha
Partner and Co-founder, Wishtree Technologies

“The US Culture Training was quite helpful for me. In fact, I was able to put much of the session into practice here in the US in real time. Starting from a handshake, food habits, public transport, usage of words, work culture, dress etiquette, meeting etiquette, and lot more. The bonus part is that she still keeps in contact with everyone and sends newsletters based on the season, climate, functions and festivals here in the US. This gives us enough heads up about the upcoming things/events in our pipeline. Jennifer is a true helper. I even reached out to her via email/calls for some of my personal issues/questions and she helped to the best of her ability. The course is a real value-add and I highly recommend it to people who are ready to start their stint in America.” 

~Hari Krishnan   

This is the best and most interesting orientation I have ever had. I feel its importance after reaching the US. Especially to know about accommodation, leasing agreement, coins usage; like I didn’t know what a dime is. I just wanna thank Jennifer for spreading awareness about US culture in India. All the best for everyone who attends this session.

Vinod Subramanian

Get to know a little about your facilitator

Jennifer Kumar

Hello everyone, I am Jennifer Kumar. I have over a decade of experience coaching US client-facing professionals in India who manage teams and projects in virtual environments. I understand some of the cultural missteps that professionals like you may encounter, as I have also lived and worked in India for over 10 years (I was born and raised in the USA). In addition to having on-the-ground experience working between cultures, I have a PCC - Professional Certified Coaching- Certificate from the International Coaching Federation. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile:

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  • meeting preparation guidelines
  • cross-cultural time management
  • writing crisp agendas
  • meeting follow up protocol