Communicate Clearly with US Americans

Fluency Strategies for Expats in the USA

Amita Yathirajadas

 Previously at Moody's Analytics, India

"One of my team members, who excels at his work, was facing problems in articulating his thoughts. Jennifer spent time with him and realised that the primary reason why he was failing to communicate his thoughts was because he did not know how to create an outline or structure his speech/thoughts. She worked with him with great dedication and I must state as an observation here that Jennifer is very sensitive to people’s cultural and religious sentiments. As an American she shared a lot of her experiences in cross cultural communication and explained in simple terms an ordinary American’s expectation and tolerance level. All of this information with monitored practice has helped my team member overcome his communication weak point to a great extent. He now is a more confident person and is able to express himself well and my clients have taken a note of the same and now do see the real merits of my team member."

Course Summary

If you are looking for a quick course that will help you to conduct more confident conversations with your US American colleagues, this course will help you learn some simple listening, speaking and body language strategies that are meant to help you be successful in everyday work related interactions.

Goal of the Course
Jennifer Kumar, the trainer, has delivered this course to several thousand expat professionals working in the US or working remotely from outside the US with US counterparts. She has condensed the main points that have helped professionals like you to uplevel their English fluency to feel more at ease when talking with US customers, clients, colleagues or stakeholders. This course is meant for high level beginner or intermediate English language learners.
Delivered by: Ms. Jennifer Kumar

Program Objectives

Learn Listening Strategies

Listening to American English and the US accent can be a challenge if you didn't grow up in the US. Learn some strategies to listen to Americans with more ease and confidence.

Learn Clear Speaking Strategies

Building off of listening strategies, learn and apply tips that can help you speak with clarity in a way Americans will understand without faking an accent. Be yourself and speak with confidence!

Understand Common Phrases and Body Language

Learn some common phrases that are used to build trusting relationships, how to answer and how to delivery your messages with the right tone and body language to build quick rapport.

Time Commitment

One can complete all the course content in this platform in one setting in 3 hours - though we don't recommend that for the most impactful outcomes

We suggest you log in everyday for 10-15 minutes, completing short bursts of content.

From your learnings attempt to apply one strategy or skill until your next log in.

In this way, the most ideal outcomes are noticed over the period of 3-6 weeks.

Course Curriculum

Get to know a little about your facilitator

Jennifer Kumar

Hello everyone, I am Jennifer Kumar. I have over a decade of experience coaching US client-facing professionals in India who manage teams and projects in virtual environments. I understand some of the cultural missteps that professionals like you may encounter, as I have also lived and worked in India for over 10 years (I was born and raised in the USA). In addition to having on-the-ground experience working between cultures, I have a PCC - Professional Certified Coaching- Certificate from the International Coaching Federation. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile:

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