The Ultimate Guide to Email Writing for Ease and Professionalism

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Successful Outcomes 

"This session helped me to correct myself and look out for common mistakes while writing an email. These sessions made me feel relaxed from my day-to-day work stress." ~Software Engineer

Uncover Your English Writing Talent

Are you looking for a way to make email writing in English effortless? 

This course is tailored specifically for those using English in global business environments as non-native speakers, or those who don't identify English as their primary or most comfortable language. Maybe you have never learned proper ways to write in English or the dos and don'ts of email writing. Well if so, and you are an intermediate level English speaker, this program is for you!

After attending this program, you will build your confidence and comfort in writing all types of common daily written communication - email, instant messages, chat messages and many more.

Due to this, many just like you also build confidence in their spoken English as well.

We are honored you are considering allowing us to be a part of your career and learning journey.

This course can be purchased for single login or for teams and corporates in bulk rate. Get in touch with us for details.


Course Summary

You will learn simple strategies to self-edit your writing, format your writing for various situations and audiences as well as the dos and don’ts (polite and impolite language) of using English to build, maintain and grow your business or career with US Americans.

In general, this program is tailored for those who use English as a second or other language with US Americans. Additionally, this will build the confidence of participants in sentence writing, forming ideas in English and knowing how to use the language properly in a business context.

Goal of the Course
The purpose of this course is to build confidence in writing business emails in English with US colleagues, clients and counterparts. We continuously update this program to your current workplace reality, helping you to build better working relationships with your US counterparts when working from India. After completing this course, your emails will get noticed, read and answered with more ease. In addition, other business writing will become crisper, polished and more professional.

Online Asynchronous Content Delivered By: Jennifer Kumar
Live Coaching Delivered By: Jennifer Kumar or other identified facilitators 

Program Objectives

  1. The ability to self-identify and self-edit common email mistakes
  2. The ability to write any routine email from scratch using an easy-to-use email skeleton
  3. The dos and don'ts of business English for effective, easy-to-read, and professional communication

Time Commitment

One can complete all the course content in this platform in one setting in 3 hours - though we don't recommend that for the most impactful outcomes

We suggest you log in everyday for 10-15 minutes, completing short bursts of content.

From your learnings attempt to apply one strategy or skill until your next log in.

In this way, the most ideal outcomes are noticed over the period of 3-6 weeks.

Course Curriculum

...Outcomes stated by professionals just like you...

I have taken 1-1 career coaching sessions from Jennifer on business communications with US Clients. The sessions were insightful and I learnt how to keep business email content crisp, the right usage of punctuations, and articulating thoughts clearly in meetings. It was truly an enriching experience for me.

Business Analyst

...Outcomes stated by professionals just like you...

“I never imagined that by changing my emailing skills I could save time in getting work done. I was often frustrated as my U.S. colleague was not answering my emails or turning in work on time, which delayed my work as well. I often had to escalate these problems to my manager, who would email and call the colleague to sort out the issue. I never realized that changing a few simple approaches to writing email subject lines, using a few American English words and making small talk in emails would be so helpful. Within a month of applying Jennifer’s tips, my manager received about 75% less escalation requests from me, making it possible for him to spend his time on more productive work.” 

Global Team Member
EY, Kochi, India

...Outcomes stated by professionals just like you...

Live coaching is so helpful. I was able to understand where I was going wrong and what I was doing well. Learning to review my writing felt weird at first, but now I can find the areas that I need to correct on my own. It has built my confidence in my writing skills.

Software Development Trainee

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Get to know a little about your facilitator

Jennifer Kumar

Hello everyone, I am Jennifer Kumar. I have over a decade of experience coaching US client-facing professionals in India who manage teams and projects in virtual environments. I understand some of the cultural missteps that professionals like you may encounter, as I have also lived and worked in India for over 10 years (I was born and raised in the USA). In addition to having on-the-ground experience working between cultures, I have a PCC - Professional Certified Coaching- Certificate from the International Coaching Federation. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile:

This course can be purchased for single login or for teams and corporates in bulk rate. Get in touch with us for details.

Course Pricing

Note: If you select a package with coaching, sessions are available on select Saturdays between 9am-2pm MST.