ICF Core Competency Mastermind

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Course Summary

The purpose of this cohort group is to hone and practice coaching competencies and get feedback from other coaches. It will be facilitated by Jennifer Kumar, PCC.

Jennifer’s role as a facilitator includes organizing and moderating the meeting. Participants are looking to each other for their professional growth, and not one particular person or facilitator.

This group IS a platform to:
•  fine tune coaching skills, sharing insights to fine tune other’s coaching skills
•  participate in coaching activities intended to enhance coaching skills
•  Discuss competencies 3-8 as these will be the ones analyzed in coach recordings submitted to ICF

This group is NOT a platform for:
•. getting or giving advice on topics around business growth, marketing, and other business administrative tasks
•. teaching content or coaching competencies
•. formal mentor coaching needed for ICF certification
•  earning CCEUs

Rules of Engagement
This course will be held in live in person Zoom rooms for 5 weeks
Each session will be 1.5 hours
Sessions consist of group discussion, peer coaching, and analysis of core competenices against the peer coaching
You will be required/requested to watch 10-20 minutes of videos in between sessions to prepare for the next session
It's ideal to have more than 500 hours of coaching or nearing a PCC level of certification to engage purposefully in this course

Each session will be conducted in this manner:
10-15 minutes: Check in/Review
15-30 minutes: Discuss Competency of the Day (discussion from ICF video, watched before class)
30-50 minutes: Watch / Participate in Coaching Demo
50-70 minutes: Competency Deep Dive(Pairs) -  (10 minutes pair work, 10 minutes group debrief)
70-80 minutes: Discuss Application of Competency in Practice
80-90 minutes: Final thoughts

Course Curriculum

Nancy Chen

Founder, Power to the Queen

I am grateful to you and ICF HC for organizing and sponsoring this Mastermind program. As we explore and practice each competency, I can feel myself grow in clarity and confidence as to how to integrate them into our coaching, and also how I might "touch the bases" during client session recordings for my PCC application. I also appreciate the diversity of ideas and welcoming support from our pilot group. Also special thanks to you, Jennifer, for facilitating and putting together tools that make it easier for us to apply what we learn into our practice.

I enjoyed the core competency mastermind series that you put together the high country chapter. It was a simple process and powerful to spend time thinking and collaborating on the meaning behind each ICF competency.

Usha Balakrishnan

Get to know a little about your facilitator

Jennifer Kumar

Hello everyone, I am Jennifer Kumar. I have over a decade of experience coaching US client-facing professionals in India who manage teams and projects in virtual environments. I understand some of the cultural missteps that professionals like you may encounter, as I have also lived and worked in India for over 10 years (I was born and raised in the USA). In addition to having on-the-ground experience working between cultures, I have a PCC - Professional Certified Coaching- Certificate from the International Coaching Federation. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/je...